Sunday, January 7, 2007

T & A

Today it was nearly 70 degrees (in MA, mind you) in JANUARY when it is usually -20. I am so confused that all I can think about is bathing suits, swimming, and pizza bagels.
I want you to join my madness by wearing this suit all day tomorrow:Look carefully at all of the things going on with the suit pictured above.
1. It is blue and brown leopard print.
2. There are funny round stones connecting the boobs and hip pieces.
3. It has side and tummy cut-outs.
If you ever wear this suit out, I will DEFINITELY slow clap you. I will also vote for you for mayor with the campaign slogan: "This friend wore a blue and brown leopard print cut-out halter suit with mysterious stones, ok? Now that's tough on crime."
For your inaugural ball, you can go classy and wear a very, very little black dress:
I would DEFINITELY slow clap you.


Christopher said...

Now that's a dress P.Anda would be proud of. And wear to something kind of serious like a christening / PTA meeting.

rosa said...

yeah, P.Anda has helped me to understand that its really important to have the right look at a PTA meeting - I think that little black dress has it all: simplicity, comfort, and style. Bravo.