Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Fancy Jammies

Another year, another chance to find new ways of tricking your adoring public into thinking you have taken off your jammies.
Pippi Picks Special Advice Alert: If possible, do not take off your jammies! This dress will convince your friends that you have gotten dressed. HOWEVER, you will know that you are wearing another squishy sack with a sash and will LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.
REMEMBER: Pippi Picks Squishy Shifts (PPSS)
Say it back to me:
"PPSS! Pippi Picks Squishy Shifts!"


rosa said...

An itsy bitsy Uluru Fritzi for only $466! what a find!

annie said...

if my jammies are covered in lambs, can i still pretend that i've already taken off my jammies?

kate said...

WHOA! the last time i used the word "jammies" was when referring to the neon yellow lands end long johns that my sister and i wore to sleep in before the age of seven. and leggings are SO IN right now. i'm never taking off my jammies again.