Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jewel Quotas

Remember when I improved your quality of life by telling you my #1 fashion rule? Click here if you need to be reminded.
I hope you've been keeping up with your quotas. If you are having trouble and are running out of places on your body to bedazzle, here's a tip: HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF YOUR HEAD?

This headband alone has 11 jewels. If you are 11 years old, you've just locked it down. BLAM!


Jacky1220 said...

We want to make friends with the stars? Click here We all together toturn friends

annie said...

i'm not sure the above comment allows me to turn friends with the starts. but then again, i'm just an old cynic.

Pippi said...

I think I have to turn on that thing where you have to type in a blurry word to comment. as much as i want to make friends with the stars, i feel betrayed and shocked by jacky1220's abuse of this sacred blog comment area.

annie said...


the "suxr" looks like a leet spelling of sucks. like hax0r.