Monday, January 15, 2007

Pippi Picks Coco's Ass

Big news! The winner of the January 2007 Pippi Picks "You are Special" Award is...
Ice T's wife, COCO (AKA Nicole Austin)! I effin' LOVE this woman because she is completely crazy. She has won this award because she inspired me in the following ways:
1. She wore THIS to the VMAs:Look at Carmen Electra's face. She's like, "Damn. I totally could have worn my mesh dress tonight. I backed out because I thought it would be too 'out there' but I was totally wrong. Coco has the instincts of a hawk and the ass of a angel. I am OUTPLAYED."

2. Coco has an outrageous ass:
To honor Coco, I want you to get one of these Coco air fresheners from her COMPLETELY CRAZY website,

ALSO: When you are dressing yourself, ask yourself this: "What Would Coco Do (WWCD)?" You know the answer. Coco would marry Ice T. Then she would put her butt on a car, take some pictures of it, and sell it as a calender. Follow this leader.


ihihnck said...

On the other hand this one contains loads of tasty recipes because it is about cooking. Leave comment and don't forget to tell your friend about it =)

annie said...

I wonder what Ice T thinks of wife running a porn website. He probably thinks it's pretty cool.