Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Sometimes, you get invited to terrible parties. Don't worry, friend. I have picked out just the outfit for you. You have to behave tonight because last time you embarrassed your boyfriend, cousin, or boss by putting a pineapple on your head and pretending that you were driving a submarine. Pay your dues by looking like you have a stick up your ass: Not a huge stick! Just a twig! The dress has nifty patterns that you can gawk at if you look at those alternate views on the Adasa site. However, this model does not look happy because she knows that she is doomed to spend the next four hours holding a glass of wine and being introduced to people. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! LAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEE!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOORINNGGGGGGG!!
I love secrets and I think you should wear some secret trinkets under your dress. Hide the following necklaces under that gray wrap floppy collar:
AND! Who knew? This is "For Me To Poop On."And my favorite:You need to wear all of them at once for their magic spells to work. Just for good luck, you should also throw this freaky sheep into the mix:
Remember! Don't let anyone see them! This sheep is shy! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MYOB!!!!!!!!!! S8R!!!
My ass almost came off when I laughed.


rosa said...

woa... i just looked at the website to find out that "for me to poop on" is really what that necklace is supposed to stand for... i'm blown away... i had no idea that im speak had gotten so advanced... thanks for showing me the light once again pippi picks! do people use that term often?

Christopher said...

What does the 'shy sheep' stand for?