Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Pippi Picks Prissy Prudes

For some reason, lately I've been attracted to kind of prissy shit. This may be because I spend all day saying things like, "I updated the database," and "Is the meeting in 15A or 15B?"
In solidarity, you should wear these prissy outfits I've picked for you:
All week, you can wear different combinations of white pants and solid color smocks:

Smocks! Tenty smocks! Doesn't that sound like the name of a British police chief?
Tenty Smocks, here. What seems to be the trouble? Tea? Yes, thank you.
Hullo? Mother, this is your son, Tenty. Yes, of course, mother! Tenty Smocks! You really must get your hearing aid checked.
Then you can mope around being all like, "Sigh. Smocky smock. I'm eating grapenuts. Yummmmm. Crunchy. I'm wearing black flats all the time etc etc etc"
If you want to be really wild and crazy, once in a while you can wear this necklace of little white dudes:

And if you have gone totally batty you can wear colored shoes:Glossy shoes, of course, will be the start of a slippery slope. Soon you'll be back in that gold bikini and vandalizing cars with Crazy String.


Eli said...

Dear Pippi,

the genius of pippi picks has accrued quite a following here at Deep Springs college. One young cattlehand was wondering if Pippi had any picks concerning tattoos. A post about tattoos would be really enlightening to all of us, probably.


Your loyal reader,

rosa said...

Dear Pippi,

What are the two worst things you can say to a person?

anxiously awaiting your reply,
cattlehead rosa

michele. said...