Friday, March 2, 2007

Celebrate Hanno!

Despite the fact that she is impossible to be around and terrifyingly humorless, I want to wish the fantastic HANNO a happy birthday today.
Hanno, today is your special day. To celebrate, you should walk around looking just the way you did when you came into the world: Wearing a giant, hot pink, bubble dress. And you had long, blonde hair when you were born, right? Here's a picture I found of you as a baby:
Mama PB was very strong.
Hanno! You are a birthday angel! Strut!
Also: My usual gift from Tiffany's is in the mail:
As usual, I have asked them to pack it in rubies instead of bubble wrap.
Happy day!
Your Fan, Pippi


annie said...

i don't know what to say...i never even imagined that someone would dedicate a whole blog post to my birthday, especially not on such an illustrious blog as pippi picks.

Pippi said...

Dreams come true, Hanno, dreams come true.