Saturday, March 31, 2007

Black + Yellow = Big Bee

To be honest, I love Factory People. The sell lots of interesting and strange things. HOWEVER, their clothes are more expensive than six butt implants and I can't imagine ever buying anything.
Curiously, they now stock Cheap Monday clothes (maker of the famously $65 fancy jeans), and if you are so inclined you can now purchase something for less than the cost of a new car:
$35! That's not $15, but it's closer! It's just a black smock, but you could jazz it up by cutting a crotch hole in it and wearing hot pink underwear.
If I was given a bag of gold, I would probably celebrate by buying some radiant, golden clothes:
Radiant bags! Golden bags!
Mmmm... golden bags...
Favorite thing: People who call boobs "fun bags."


Eli said...

rosa said...

eli! are you having a baby!?

michele. said...

fun bags are OK. but stress balls are better.
feeling anxious?
got a lot on your mind?
test out these squishy stress balls! squeeeeze them.
you'll feel a lot better afterwards.

... i tried to keep this PG. let your imagination bring you to another level. go on. try it. don't be scurred. ...

Rosa said...

AH! I got scurred!!