Friday, March 16, 2007

I MUST Call Mother!

This priss twitch continues: I am inexplicably drawn to this polka-dot skirt:
Why? Why me? Why I have gone to the Priss Side? Am I forgetting my nasty roots? This person wearing this skirt is strolling in "pumps" down the streets of Manhattan exclaiming,
"Ah, me! LA LA LA!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOO happy! The sun is shining and I'm going to be married to the man I love best!! Mother will be SO pleased!! I must call her after I finish my weekly lunch with 'the girls!' I'm so happy and GAY!!!!"

If you MUST wear this skirt, you need to tone it down by wearing some plain-colored tunic-y shirt. Then there will just be a polka pouf at the bottom instead of the whole fruitcake. Ideally, you would wear a very scruffy, loose and drapey tank top that had rough-cut sloping neckline that showed some of your chain halter bra. That will take some of the polka edge off and reduce your general gaiety. However, I couldn't find photos of those things. Instead, you could consider wearing this tunic (in charcoal, of course, not in this blasted tan):

I also STRONGLY recommend that you wear this brilliant diamond necklace.Ok. I'm glad we had this talk.

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